The Company

Since its inception in 2007, Kool Homes has been striving hard to carve a benchmark of luxury, value and convenience in modern living. Launched at a time when our customers were spoilt for choices, our aim was to provide signature homes with a distinct personality; homes that have an inherent aesthetic appeal and an instant emotional connect. We wanted to create homes that have a value above and beyond their price, a home with a living experience.

We have always thought of Kool Homes as a "fashion cult brand." One that we believe will appeal to the community at large, but at the same time has a distinct type of customer. This consumer is attracted to the new innovations of the world, who wants to live in a real, 21st century home – a home with a blend of the modernity and luxury; a home with enhanced levels of comfort, design and security; a home with attitude. Simply put a home which is a class apart.

A Kool Home is one that is "designed to perfection" from inside out and start to finish. In order to achieve our goals many bright minds came together, some ripe with experience and others pushing the boundaries of what is possible with their ideas and imagination. Kool Homes is a collection of all of their inputs, you can think of it as Livable Art – the only difference being that instead of one painter, we have many paintbrushes. While we see the bigger picture, we also take care of the minute details that go into making your home a masterpiece. This continuous search for adding value – reaching for that little extra touch of care whether it be in design or quality is what has helped us convert a Kool Home into your dream home.

As we continue to grow and attract more customers, we are working hard to make sure that we do not lose touch with our family-style-of-business roots. Many of our directors often interact directly with customers, helping them resolve any issues and create lasting relationships. We want to encourage you to continue giving us feedback; it is only through your reactions and suggestions that we will push ourselves even harder to create the perfect product.


"Home, the spot of earth supremely blest,
A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest." Robert Montgomery

Buying a home is amongst the most prized achievements of anyone's life. It is after years of hard work and sacrifice that we bring our family into a new home. This once-in-a-lifetime event is the culmination of a long cherished dream that fills us with a sense of pride and accomplishment. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this dream. I am honoured and feel truly privileged.

At the turn of the millennia, India's growth had begun to pick up steam. Our beloved Motherland was being touted as the "new" land of opportunity. I was thrilled to see that my hometown, Pune, was attracting large conglomerates and multinationals that catapulted it into an epicenter of growth. As IT parks and manufacturing units sprung round the city, the surge in commercial real estate development was quickly followed by a boom in residential development, catering to the demand for housing for all those who had chosen to make Pune their home or chose it as an ideal "investment" destination.

My city was inundated with "development" – every available piece of land was undergoing a makeover and hoardings of this surge in realty were visible even on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Urbanisation was so quick and the potential so voluminous that new builders were migrating to Pune to partake in the progress.

Intrigued by all this development, I began taking a keen interest in the projects on offer. What I witnessed left me disenchanted. Despite the scale of construction, projects lacked creativity and ingenuity. Houses were built simply to fulfill an existing demand. The city was deluged with commonplace designs and amenities and it was clear that developers were not taking advantage of the advancements in technology or environmental practices. Even though these innovations had become an important part of our lives, a homebuyer was being offered mediocre concrete structures that belied the whole idea of a "dream home."

I believe that the customer could (and deserved to) be offered much more and it was with this belief that I set out to create Kool Homes. I aspired to 'create' as opposed to 'make' – campuses and apartments that had their own unique identity and sense of Life. I wanted to create communities that brought people together and yet gave them privacy as if they were living in seclusion. My high ambitions needed a tangible foundation, a brainwave that would exemplify the perfect home for the discerning buyer.

After months of brainstorming your Kool Home was born – a home that had the perfect blend of comfort, security, utility, safety and environmental consciousness. Our focus on these five fundamental constituents never wavers – from design, to choice of materials and features; we strive to create a home a home of luxury, value and convenience, in short, the home of your dreams.

I have thanked you for allowing me to be part of your dream, and as I embark on my journey, I want to thank you on behalf of the Kool Homes family for becoming part of ours.