"A Kool Home is a home that is connected to your thoughts and the things you love!"

The Visionary & His Vision
'One person can make a difference, and every person should try!'

Kool Homes is the brainchild of one man with a conviction to change the way buyers viewed a home and developers sold a home. In 2007 when Dharmesh Gathani launched Kool Homes, his vision and ideas seemed impossible. He wanted to offer the home buyer a home that was not just a brick and mortar structure but a home that had Life, a personality and an identity of its own. He wanted to incorporate the advancements made in technology to equip homes that would help simplify the day-to-day lives of dwellers, as well as offer elements of security, safety and luxury much needed in this fast paced world. He was always conscious of his responsibility towards the environment and was committed to doing whatever could be done to protect it.

Today, the impossible stands achieved as Kool Homes has successfully executed Projects it had envisioned, and built homes that are unmatched in quality, services, comfort and environment consciousness.

Kool Home - A home where safety, security, comfort, utility and environment consciousness complement each other to create an experience like no other; A home where aesthetics meets functionality and environment conservation.

Concept and Construct Our effort in building your dream home begins with creating the best building designs to suit our weather and topography guided by our motto of 'Sustainable Building Design'.

We follow safe construction practices and starting with conservation of the fertile top soil of the plot which is reused for landscaping to using eco-friendly bamboo for the wooden flooring in your master bedroom etc, no effort is spared to ensure that we conserve the ecology of the region.

To be Continued...

Nature and Nurture
Our intense belief in conservation and rejuvenation has guided us to focus specifically on the simple art of landscaping your surroundings. Instead of burdening the open areas with exotic plants that are difficult to raise in Pune's weather, consuming more water and demanding tedious care, we've consciously opted for species from our local region; plants and trees that will thrive in summer and winter, consume less water and help increase the biodiversity of the area.

Spirit and Succor
Kool Homes is committed to choosing the best in building materials and internal fitments for each and every apartment. Your entire living space is a haven of comfort where functionality and eco-friendly practices go hand in hand.

Eye on the Environment
Environmental consciousness is ingrained deeply into the Kool Homes' philosophy and ethos and forms the basis of every project from planning to implementation. Your Kool Home is packed with goodies that help conserve our natural resources, curb the use of energy in the form of electricity and recycle and reuse resources in every conceivable manner.

Technology and Tranquility
Kool Homes are technology-enabled homes that not only offer you optimum security, safety and luxury but also simplify day to day tasks, putting you at ease.

Kool Effect
A Kool Home is not just a house with four walls, a roof and standard fittings. Every apartment in every project is replete with our magic touch - inclusions that don't strike others as important, but when offered enhance your living experience to its optimum. We call this attention to detail - the Kool effect.

Kool Homes does not spare any effort in delivering on our promises and has successfully created edifices of perfection - where your dreams meet reality.