It's in the most beautiful ornament that the most precious jewel resides. Solitaire offers ultra-modern homes embedded in the serene locality of NIBM Road, Kondhwa. These are 2 and 3BHK apartments that always keep you connected, that interact with you…


KSpread across a spacious area of 2 acres, Solitaire accommodates every luxury. 15-storey towers that promise grandeur in their altitude and vast green spaces that host fresh and clean air...this is a project that gives a form to all your desires, with opulence.


KNIBM Road is laced with green walkways and temperate atmosphere. With garden-view from your balconies and MG Road at a distance of 4 kms, nightlife and a quiet contemplative walk are both within your reach.


KKool Homes Solitaire imbibes systems that are more than just mechanisms. The homes keep you connected to the outer world, to the residents inside and even with the homes themselves. Modern and sophisticated, this is your step into future homes.


Grandness, Privacy, and Open Air. All three elements are brought together in solitaire to create a truly unique living experience. The 15 story towers set on top of an already 4 story plane give you an absolute stunning view of the city. The towers are placed so that no two apartments can look into each other, giving you an absolute feeling of privacy when you are within your apartment.

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